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Through the virtues of VPN
The introduction of virtual private network in our company enhances the scope of keeping in touch with our colleagues who are based in offices from different locations. Our customers will clearly benefit with this technology as better communication within different offices provides a more refined and high quality of services to the client.

Enamored by the ERP
An online ERP system at our disposal now, would ensure that all the information about the sales, operations, finance, etc are loaded into a single database system which would make it possible to avail all the adequate information online in real time! All the account histories of our clients can be accessed by the click of a mouse, aiding us in the process of improving our services by inducing better planning system to gain appreciation from our customers.

Tracking and tracing
An online ERP has helped us to develop the new tracking section in the website for our clients. This user friendly tracking system would enable the customers to check the status of their shipments till the moment they are delivered to them.

Triumphs through training
Our work forces have always managed to deliver services, which have pleased our clients and strengthened our relationship with them. Their level of dedication and perseverance has never faltered in complex work situations. Since we at Black Sea Cargo LLC believe that endeavors for further improvement should be made continuously so that our customers are offered services of highest quality, and hence new training programs are introduced for our professionals through which they can enhance their existing skills and serve you better.