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Business organizations are in constant need of proficient and cost effective freight forwarding services to consolidate as well as maintain their coveted positions in the competitive market and for the fulfillment of the same they strive to associate themselves with a company which displays abundant professionalism and dedication towards the craft and all these requisite qualities have been synonymous with Black Sea Cargo LLC.

Black sea cargo, a freight forwarding company in Tbilisi, Georgia, derives pride in providing appropriate services to its customers which transcends the realms of a mere business proposition. We believe in building relationships by delivering the expected results. With the advent of numerous technologies, the world of internet has captured our minds and has become an intrinsic need. Although we have embraced plethora of online systems, but the traces of human touch is not eluded away from our customers. A thread of human relationship helps us to comprehend and deliver the required needs.

Dedication is the prime quality of our work force which produces excellent results. The work force includes of trained and highly motivated individuals who are not apprehensive about introducing or acclimatizing to new innovations in the industry. Our offices are equipped with the state-of-art technology facilitating in infusing the capacity to deal and excel in the ever changing market equations. For the benefit of the valued customer our employees offer answers and information to any questions which are put forward by the customers, so that the transaction can take place smoothly and the client does not have to deal with any nature of hassles. Transactions are only closed when the customer is satisfied by the services provided by us.

For us quality takes precedence over everything else. We believe that customer satisfaction is the precursor to customer loyalty, which can be only achieved when supreme quality of services is provided to them. Hence the ulterior motive of maintaining excellent quality in our services is to gain satisfaction and honor from the customer. Since the needs of the customer keeps on changing and growing, we are in the constant process of improving the services by bringing changes in the technology and innovation.

Be it air, sea, rail or inroad freight, our services exceeds the customer's expectations with elan. Conducting the business without causing any hazard to the environment is our most prominent trait so that the future generations can lead a secure life. Employees here are encouraged to develop the environment by reducing the amount of waste with recycling and eliminating processes which can cause damage to the environment. Teams are formed to develop technologies, which are environment friendly. We put a lot of emphasis on choosing suppliers who are acquainted with the environment policies laid down by the government and follows them religiously. Constant endeavor is made so that our services add values not only to the customer but also to the environment.